Fire doors are a vital defence to prevent fire spreading throughout a building and Nolan Products enjoys a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of Fire Rated Doors in Ireland.

Our manufacturing process is independently certified by International Fire Consultants’ product certification scheme.

Benefits of our Doorsets

Single Installation

Utilising Nolan Products Doorset, with the internal timber, over veneered door, pre hung in the frame with the architrave means that you have a single point of installation on site, rather than two separate trade installations, saving time and reaching practical completion sooner.

Installation Flexibility

Utilising a Nolan Products Doorset means you can reduce the risk of damage to door areas in your development, as doorstep can be fitted at the end of the construction process.

Improved Lead Times and Construction Time

With advantageous lead times from receipt of order, when compared with far-east or continental lead times, means your construction can be completed sooner aiding “moving in time” for your development.

Minimal on-site adjustments

As Nolan Doorsets are one complete unit, tolerances and clearances in your walls are pre-set for our doorstep within our factory production, therefore reducing the need for additional on site adjustments.

Speed of Installation

The speed of installation, utilising a Nolan Doorset, in a single-fix operation, means that you can reduce substantially your on-site trade installation costs.